just tested on Linux with evince 2.20.2 and acrobat reader 7.0. The
results are the same as the one shown in your explanations. The
improvement is clearly visible. Good work!

Screenshots are available at:

On Fre, 2008-02-29 at 16:14 +0100, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> For those, who want to test PDF viewer compatibility I have a demo PDF
> which demonstrates Type 1 "step 2" implemented with solution 2 (multiple
> descendant fonts with dynamic encoding build-up).
> - [1] font-type1-demo-before.pdf (revision 627678, before I added the AFM 
> stuff, i.e. step 1)
> - [2] font-type1-demo-step1.pdf (current FOP Trunk HEAD)
> - [3] font-type1-demo-step2.pdf (my local working copy)

> Jeremias Maerki


Max Berger

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