On 25.11.2008 21:55:49 Adrian Cumiskey wrote:
> OTOH, I feel compelled to mention that attempting to kill a raised,
> > perfectly legitimate issue in an unreasonable way (by taking it to be a
> > personal offense), may alienate some people...
> > From a diplomatic viewpoint, not a very sound move to make right before you
> > decide to launch a vote. :/
> I wasn't in anyway trying to kill the raised issue, I just chose the option
> that I believed at the time would involve the least amount of change and
> provide the quickest solution to the problem.  I believe now that all
> interested parties should feel satisfied with the concluding result to issue
> raised.

I think that's the problem: you chose, instead of discussing ideas and
plans that may be non-trivial or controversial on the mailing list. My
wish is that you try more to detect things like that. Sometimes it's
just a matter of dropping a mail on the list saying you wish to change
this and that because of X or Y. Even if noone responds (which is
unlikely), you have at least lazy consensus.

Apparently, my wording was too strong which was only to get you to
listen. This is probably an expression of my inability to communicate
what I was trying to get across. For that I apologize and I will keep
trying to keep my tone in check.

Jeremias Maerki

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