Hi all,

I think all the votes are probably in now so I'll be taking care of the
merge a little later.  I hope some people are able to make good use of the
new AFP features, and also the cleanups I've made make it a little easier
for others to contribute.  Its been fun :).


2008/11/27 J.Pietschmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> On 27.11.2008 16:33, Max Berger wrote:
>> The recent amount of discussion shows that your branch should be
>> integrated into trunk as soon as possible, since it touches other areas
>> as well, and these issues need to be resolved before 1.0beta.
> I got the same impression, but I don't know anything about
> the code itself.
> So +0.5 from me too.
> J.Pietschmann



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