Adrian Cumiskey wrote:

Hi Adrian,

Hi Andreas,

2008/11/25 Andreas Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>

    Adrian, just a small FWIW: Chris has drawn the right conclusion, I
    think. No need to take any of the questions/remarks personal (even
    though I understand this is difficult after the time you've spent on
    perfecting the code in that branch).

Its not been so much perfecting, its been more a matter of trying to clean up the mess that I inherited, trying to eliminate as much copy/paste, hardcoded definitions as possible and reuse existing functionality where possible without breaking anything. This was confounded by the strict binary data structure of AFP, extensive and somewhat ambiguous documentation, and generally poor availability of datastream analysis tools.

and your efforts are appreciated even though our questions may make us seem ungrateful at times :)

    OTOH, I feel compelled to mention that attempting to kill a raised,
    perfectly legitimate issue in an unreasonable way (by taking it to
    be a personal offense), may alienate some people...
     >From a diplomatic viewpoint, not a very sound move to make right
    before you decide to launch a vote. :/

I wasn't in anyway trying to kill the raised issue, I just chose the option that I believed at the time would involve the least amount of change and provide the quickest solution to the problem. I believe now that all interested parties should feel satisfied with the concluding result to issue raised.

Yes I am now very happy and pleased to give my +1 to this vote.



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