Jeremias Maerki wrote:
There we go again. ;-) I can understand the wishes and cravings of the
developers (feeling them myself), but as I've said before: such a
decision should be made with the user community in the back, i.e. there
should be another user survey to gather current data. Just because Sun
EOLs a Java version doesn't mean that everyone can suddenly just do the
switch. So why don't those who want this change so badly do that little
survey so we have the data on an informed decision?

Hi All,

I'm not so against this idea 1 year further on but I still have concerns that we would force x% of users to stay on 0.95 if we do this. I agree with Jeremias' proposal to run a survey on fop-users for a couple of weeks to get some hard facts to help make an informed decision.

Also, I think it is something that could wait until after the long promised 1.0 release. With the changing IPD feature being one of the last major features of 0.20.x missing from 0.9x that is now available we should consider doing the v1.0 release and then if the survey shows the number of 1.4 and earlier users to be very low then we should do the switch.

As for retroweaving: I've just set the necessary values in my and tried to compile the latest FOP Trunk with
Java 1.5. The build failed in the retroweaver task:

I would also like it if retroweaving worked if we do go ahead with the switch to 1.5.



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