I want to inject one fact, and one collection of experience, but I'm still
not trying to talk anyone into anything.

Fact: the Apache Software Foundation maintains a comprehensive maven
infrastructure. There is a repository manager, there are standard parent
POMS. All projects that use Maven get the advantage of it.

Experience: I commit on CXF, XmlSchema, and Mahout (all using Maven), and we
use Maven internally at my day job. I've found the dependency system to be a
great advantage. I've never seen a message to one of the mailing lists
complaining that connectivity issues were making people miserable. Why? You
need connectivity to update from svn. Then you need connectivity to run a
build. And once you've run a build, you have all the maven stuff, and you're
done until someone changes the dependencies.

Keep in mind that, at a project like FOP, the goal is to produce code that
other people can use and integrate. 'Central' is a discipline. If the code
does not work with commonly available versions of its dependencies, that
probably means that someone, somewhere, is going to have a lot of trouble
using it.

If Maven downloads a truckload of stuff as a result of one of your
dependencies, then you have a truckload of dependencies. (Well, OK, an
oversimplification. Some things have enthusiastic dependency graphs which
can be pruned.) As previously noted here, Maven itself likes to download a
lot of Maven. In the past, there was a design error in Maven in which it
would update its internal components 'behind your back'. Aside from removing
predictability from the build, this means that you could need more
connectivity less predictably. Nowadays, the versions of the pieces are
fixed unless you move them. So, once you've built something once, you can
build --offline until and unless you decide to change a dependency.

Other than dependency management, the primary virtue of Maven is the lack of
build configuration. Sadly, it's bimodal: there's hardly any, and then
there's much too much. The cure for that is sometimes a new maven plugin.

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