I’ve been following this discussion with interest. Thanks to Benson,
Craig and Glen for demystifying Maven a bit.

I wanted to share my thoughts about that before going offline for 10
days, but it looks like it’s going to have to wait.


Le 06/09/2010 15:17, Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
Personally, I'd not be happy if we added a parallel build system. Given
that so much Ant code is necessary to handle some details shows how
inflexible Maven is. I haven't checked how much Ant code is duplicated
between the root-level build.xml and the files in the "maven"
subdirectory. IMO, this would be a maintenance head-ache since the two
always have to be kept in sync. If build.xml would be split into
re-usable sub-file (Ant is quite flexible), some duplication could be
avoided maybe. But that would still impose some level of redundancy. At
any rate, you probably can't count me in to help maintain the Maven side
due to my very bad experiences with it.

Also, I'm not sure if the<symlink>  task will work as expected on

On 04.09.2010 12:41:14 bugzilla wrote:

            Summary: [PATCH] add maven build support
            Product: Fop
            Version: 1.1dev
           Platform: All
         OS/Version: All
             Status: NEW
           Severity: enhancement
           Priority: P2
          Component: general
         AssignedTo: fop-dev@xmlgraphics.apache.org
         ReportedBy: gl...@skynav.com

This patch adds support for building with maven 2.2.X or later. I have tested
it with the current version (2.2.1) on a JDK 1.6 platform.

There are no direct dependencies on JDK 1.4 or 1.5 features, but I have not
verified yet.

The patch creates a new top-level directory 'maven' in the FOP trunk directory.
See the file README-MAVEN.txt there for configuration and usage information.

Once downloaded to your home directory, this patch may be applied as follows:

cd ${FOP}/trunk
gzcat ~/patch-maven-build.diff.gz | patch -p0
svn add maven

Note that only the core fop.jar artifact is built at this time. In particular,
the fop-transcoder and fop-sandbox jar artifacts are not yet built.

This patch has been verified against repository version 992575.


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