On 7/09/2010 7:22 PM, Benson Margulies wrote:
I've never seen a message to one of the mailing lists
complaining that connectivity issues were making people miserable. Why? You
need connectivity to update from svn. Then you need connectivity to run a

... and to get any libraries or other dependencies if you don't already have them locally. Just like with Maven.

BTW, I suspect many people who have trouble with Maven's apparent net access requirements don't know about "mvn dependency:go-offline" and "mvn -o" for offline operation that doesn't try to check snapshot repos etc. mvn -o is kind of hard to miss, but people seem to anyway; the go-offline goal is rather less obvious but really handy.

Meh. I'd like to see maven support in fop, but I'm not working with fop's code much at all so it's hardly something I can claim any say in. Maybe I should bash together an ant task to spit out Maven artifacts after a build, though, to make it easier to use fop's existing build tools to integrate with maven.

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