It may be useful to wait until the Temp_ComplexScripts branch is merged into
trunk to decide how to proceed with CFF. It is possible my client would like
me to take a stab at CFF, so I may be able to add that to my task list.


On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 7:03 PM, Alex Zepeda <> wrote:

> Glenn Adams wrote:
>> Actually, many fonts from MSFT, Adobe, and others are starting to take
>> advantage of the OpenType GSUB/GPOS and related advanced typographic tables,
>> even for fonts used with Latin and other Western scripts. Since (generic)
>> support for these mechanisms has been added in the Temp_ComplexScripts
>> branch, it is likely the same mechanisms can be used for CFF that reuse
>> these or similar features, though I haven't investigated it.
> Fair enough.  I'm still bummed that Apple's Pages has better OTF support
> than Quark 8.  FFS.  In any case, I guess the big organizational question
> is: does this all get shoved in the TrueType parsing classes?  Or is it time
> to split things up and devise something quick but more robust than file
> extension to differentiate the two?
> - alex

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