On 08/08/2012 12:16, Martin Edge wrote:

Hi Martin

Does it work a little better with postscript now?

I'm sorry but I don't recall exactly what issues you were having with Postscript output with FOP? Can you be more specific. There have been several bug fixes to FOP generated PS since the v1.0 release. The biggest change is the introduction of support for embedding TTF Fonts in the Postscript.



Martin Edge

On 08/08/2012, at 8:20 PM, Chris Bowditch <bowditch_ch...@hotmail.com> wrote:

On 08/08/2012 02:47, Glenn Adams wrote:

Hi Glenn,

I'd like to survey folks to see what, if any bugs or issues you believe are *essential* 
to be addressed in fop1.1rc1 prior to releasing fop1.1. There has been a suggestion to 
update fop-pdf-images prior to an fop1.1 release. Is there someone who would volunteer to 
do that [real soon now]? Or is it better to wait until after fop1.1 is released? Any 
other "must fix" bugs in 1.1rc1?
Thanks for starting this discussion. I have been meaning to send a similar 
e-mail for the last couple of days. In my view the PDF Image Loading issue 
(53468) is high priority. A lot of users will want to use this plug-in with 
FOP. We are big users of the plug-in too, but don't use the released FOP 

I can assign Rob to work on it since he is available, but he is not a committer so won't 
be able to process the Patch already submitted to 53468. Vincent can work on it in about 
2 weeks time, so I guess who does it depends on your definition of "real soon 

I guess your call for volunteers means you don't have any free time to invest 
in that yourself?

I'm not aware of any other high priority bugs. User feedback on 1.1rc1 appears 
to be a little muted compared to previous releases. Hopefully that is a sign of 
improved code quality.




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