I took a peek since I helped with the branch in the beginning. Nice job
over all!!! Good looking borders!

I agree with Glenn that the extension should be aligned with CSS3 as
closely as possible. In the usual XSL manner there should ideally be
both relative (start, end...) and absolute (top, left...) properties.

While there seem to be unit tests for the generation of painting
operators there are no layout engine tests that verify area tree
generation as well as area tree and IF parsing/round-trips.

Also I haven't found any mention in the docs or the demo file that
rounded borders on tables are not implemented, yet. I found that out the
"hard way". Seems like border radius information is lost during border
collapse processing. However, that should be easy to fix and is probably
a matter of adding a few lines to CollapsingBorderModelEyeCatching.java.
Some layout engine tests will help here.

+0.5 as the current state goes. +1 if CSS3 alignment is achieved and
there are a few layout engine tests (at least one for fo:block and one
for fo:inline) checking the decoding of the enhanced border function
and the AT/IF round-trip.

The missing table border support is surely not blocking.

Jeremias Maerki

On 12.10.2012 11:40:19 Peter Hancock wrote:
> Hi,
> Luis Benardo and Myself have just done some clean up to the branch
> Temp_RoundedCorners.  This branch implements support for 'fox'
> extension properties  for specifying borders with rounded corners.
> Please refer to [1] and [2] for details.
> There is an example fo [3] that demonstrates the feature.
> Currently we are supporting:
>   PDF, PS and AFP outputs
>   'border-style' property with values of  'solid', 'none', 'hidden'
> and, to a limited degree, 'dashed'
> I would like to start a vote to merge feature branch to trunk, with my +1.
> Thanks,
> Peter
> [1] http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics-fop/RoundedBorders
> [2] http://xmlgraphics.staging.apache.org/fop/trunk/extensions.html
> [2] examples/fo/advanced/rounded-corners.fo in the Temp_RoundedCorners branch

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