Hi Glenn,

I have just committed to Temp_RoundedCorners to address some of the
concerns raised.

> My preference would be to provide both the CSS3 named properties and also
> writing system relative properties, giving the user the preference of which
> to use. But I would suggest using the same pattern as CSS3 for property
> names for these latter:
> border-top-left-radius
> border-top-right-radius
> border-bottom-right-radius
> border-bottom-left-radius
> border-before-start-radius
> border-before-end-radius
> border-after-start-radius
> border-after-end-radius

I have now implemented border properties of the form
border-before-start-radius, that take one or two values, in line with
the CSS3 recommendation.  However, I have not been able as yet to
implement properties for the absolute properties
(border-top-left-radius, etc).  I am unable to prove concretely that
the property resolution system can or cannot support my requirements
here, but either way I have decided to put this requirement on hold
for now.  The omission of these properties will not affect backwards
compatibility going forward and so I do not personally consider it to
be a show stopper.

> it would also be useful to support the border-radius shortcut from CSS3
> (mapping to the above CSS3 longhand flavors)
This was done previously if we accept that the second value refers to
the block progression direction and not the absolute top-to-bottom

I have updated the example fo and the CMS to reflect these changes.

If you are happy with the change I can proceed with the merge.



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