great job, Peter.
I have just a comment: when using invalid *-radius property (IE
fox:border-end-after-radius, inverting b-p-d and i-p-d radices), FOP
should warn or throw an exception, but I guess this is a more general
fox behaviour.

still +1 for me.

2012/10/22 Peter Hancock <peter.hanc...@gmail.com>:
> Hi Jeremias,
> I have updated the CMS to document that there are limitations with
> tables.   I have suggested that setting the 'border-collapse' property
> on tables to 'separate'  will allow the support of rounded corners on
> tables.
> I am currently fighting with FOPropertyMapping to support the absolute
> properties and I am not having much luck.
> Thanks again for your help with this feature!
> Peter
> On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 10:56 AM, Jeremias Maerki
> <d...@jeremias-maerki.ch> wrote:
>> I took a peek since I helped with the branch in the beginning. Nice job
>> over all!!! Good looking borders!
>> I agree with Glenn that the extension should be aligned with CSS3 as
>> closely as possible. In the usual XSL manner there should ideally be
>> both relative (start, end...) and absolute (top, left...) properties.
>> While there seem to be unit tests for the generation of painting
>> operators there are no layout engine tests that verify area tree
>> generation as well as area tree and IF parsing/round-trips.
>> Also I haven't found any mention in the docs or the demo file that
>> rounded borders on tables are not implemented, yet. I found that out the
>> "hard way". Seems like border radius information is lost during border
>> collapse processing. However, that should be easy to fix and is probably
>> a matter of adding a few lines to CollapsingBorderModelEyeCatching.java.
>> Some layout engine tests will help here.
>> +0.5 as the current state goes. +1 if CSS3 alignment is achieved and
>> there are a few layout engine tests (at least one for fo:block and one
>> for fo:inline) checking the decoding of the enhanced border function
>> and the AT/IF round-trip.
>> The missing table border support is surely not blocking.
>> Jeremias Maerki
>> On 12.10.2012 11:40:19 Peter Hancock wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Luis Benardo and Myself have just done some clean up to the branch
>>> Temp_RoundedCorners.  This branch implements support for 'fox'
>>> extension properties  for specifying borders with rounded corners.
>>> Please refer to [1] and [2] for details.
>>> There is an example fo [3] that demonstrates the feature.
>>> Currently we are supporting:
>>>   PDF, PS and AFP outputs
>>>   'border-style' property with values of  'solid', 'none', 'hidden'
>>> and, to a limited degree, 'dashed'
>>> I would like to start a vote to merge feature branch to trunk, with my +1.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Peter
>>> [1] http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics-fop/RoundedBorders
>>> [2] http://xmlgraphics.staging.apache.org/fop/trunk/extensions.html
>>> [2] examples/fo/advanced/rounded-corners.fo in the Temp_RoundedCorners 
>>> branch


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