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I would be curious to find a list of what entities are in and what aren't.
> Also, I presume I can use a numeric code (&#number; - or &amp;#number;) to
 reference the character directly. However, it seems like a list of those
 numbers and their corresponding characters is a little too basic for the
 FOP documentation or the usual reference materials. I assume there's a
 > relevant ISO document - anybody know what it is?

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Of course, whether the characters are displayed correctly depends
on the fonts installed for FOP, the font selected, and perhaps
the fonts installed on the machine where the resulting PDF is
finally viewed. Whether a HTML entity is defined for a particular
is irrelevant.


Yes, you can use &#number;, and this sometimes proves easier.

I have met this problem as well, and I would like to ask a
supplementary question. Wuth full SGML (and HTML for that matter),
a large number of entities are pre-defined in the sense that they
are accessed through the DTD. Of course this is in general not
done in XML.

I had assumed that the correct solution was to create an internal
subset <URL: http://www.xml.com/pub/a/98/08/xmlqna2.html >.

I don't suppose that SKS could post a short complete file would
have this as its meat.

     <para>&ldquo;Hello World!&rdquo</para>


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