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Subject: Re: Entity references in FOP

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Your XML doc is well-formed but how can it be valid? That is what your XML
editor is complaining about, and presumably you are running SAX with
validation also. Certainly if you run a parse with no validation then there
are no complaints (well, at least that is the case for me).

The entity references are a side issue. If you are going to use validation
then you must describe the entire XML vocabulary, because that is the
meaning of "valid".

That is all very much to the point. Thank you

If I could indpendently turn off validation, then I could
have general entities without a DTD. In other words, general
entities in a well formed document irrespective of validity.

I certainly understand that everything I have tried
so far needs to be presented with a 'description of the
entire XML grammar', and this is my sticking point.


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