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Subject: Re: Entity references in FOP

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When I try to parse it with ElfData XML Editor
<URL: http://www.elfdata.com/xmleditor/ >, I get this error

        XML-Validity: Your XML is a well-formed document, but it
        conflicts with the DTD:

        Invalid DOCTYPE tag. The root 'example' specified in the
        DOCTYPE, was not defined in the DTD.

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When I try to parse this document with SAX, I get this
        SystemId Unknown; Line 0; Column 0; SystemId Unknown; Line 0;
Column 0; SAX Exception

which again again I thought was odd, because I specifically didn't have
SystemId (but that is consistent in a blunt sort of way with the SystemId's
being unknown). I could easily have written the DOCTYPE as
        <!DOCTYPE example SYSTEM "./docbookx.dtd">
which is most precisely which I did not want to do. (SAX does
parse (correctly) the elided version).

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Your XML doc is well-formed but how can it be valid? That is what your XML
editor is complaining about, and presumably you are running SAX with
validation also. Certainly if you run a parse with no validation then there
are no complaints (well, at least that is the case for me).

The entity references are a side issue. If you are going to use validation
then you must describe the entire XML vocabulary, because that is the
meaning of "valid".


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