ewitness - Ben Fowler wrote:
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> There are a couple of points.
> 1. What I was hoping to do is have entities but no external
> DTD. Is this impossible? 


> Or alternatively possible only at
> the penalty of putting a reasonable DTD in the internal
> subset?

If the DTD in the internal subset completely specifies the
grammar (including general entities), the document can be
validated, assuming it is well-formed.

A document without a complete DTD (as in a document using
the DOCTYPE construct to declare entities) can only be
well-formed, never valid.


> I don't see why my orignal request cannot be satisfied? Is
> it something that has been true of SGML all along and is
> therefore grandfathered into XML. If so, there is a distinction
> that could be made in that since a DTD is required for SGML
> nobody would have noticed that this was part and parcel of
> declaring ENTITYs.
> What I would like would be to independently switch on
> or off validation and general entities?
> 2. I have never seen a parser that does not switch into
> validating mode when there is an external subset. Reading
> an external DTD is a sine qua non for accessing the
> ENTITYs in it.
> At least this adds colour to my assertion that it is
> sometimes easier to use a numeric form of entity rather
> than a general entity.
> Note that this does not apply to HTML because in HTML
> a lot of entities are made available without there
> being a DTD at all.
> Ben.

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