[EMAIL PROTECTED] (ewitness - Ben Fowler) wrote:
 > Yes, you can use &#number;, and this sometimes proves easier.

I'm not sure what you are trying to say... Do you still edit
your XML files with a plain text editor?

Yes, xml files are 'plain text', unicode to be precise

Yes, I use vim on linux and BBedit on the Mac. It would be nice to
have something that allowed an entity to be entered with a single
key stroke, but full featured XML editors (such as Arbortext Epic)
are exceedingly expensive. emacs is a better bet, but I am unlikley
to switch from vim.

I am trying to say that the  &#number; is available even if you
have not set up any entities.

> I don't suppose that SKS could post a short complete file would
 have this as its meat.
       <para>&ldquo;Hello World!&rdquo</para>

Duh? You can get the HTML entity definitions from the W3C and roll your own DTD fragment. The DocBook DTD (http://www.docbook.org) has also an extensive collection.

The line I gave there is not HTML.

What I don't know, and the bit you snipped was how to
include an internal subset in an XML file when there is no DTD.
I realise that I will have to look up the definitions that I
decide I need.

I personally abandoned dealing with entities representing character
references after I managed to configure Emacs to do the hard work
for me.

Yes. That is a good way of doing things.


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