Let me see, part of this problem is XSL(T), part of the problem is how to
pass the result to Acrobat, right?

At the moment I'm pretty busy solving a little problem over here but I'll
get back with a style sheet bit to extract
the stylesheetname from the XML file (that should be possible, or am I
completely insane? Should be similar to parsing
processing instructions, not?). The parameter thing is pretty simple and
works basically like passing paramters
to templates (use the -param switch for Xalan). This might require a change
in fop though, as I don't think passing
a parameter is available via fop.



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$ Subject: RE: XML parsing
$ > on at the moment and one can create new calls to programs to
$ > open a file (tools, folder options, file types tab). Suppose
$ > you simply define an option to "view as PDF" or something?
$ > You can specify a call to fop (with a call to the style sheet
$ > that will filter out what exactly to do with the style sheet
$ > called in the XML document) there and see what happens.
$ That is basically what I am doing at the moment, but there are two
$ problems. Firstly the script to view as PDF needs to know the exact
$ stylesheet to use. When opening XML in IE, IE reads the stylesheet to
$ use from the XML file, so the whole thing is simplified. If FOP could
$ read the stylesheet to use in the same way, then the whole thing would
$ be simple. At the moment, to read my XML defined in my CCR DTD, I use
$ ccr_fo.xsl, and I have to run a specific script to specify that
$ stylesheet. To run that specific script I need to use a different file
$ extension. Hence for each DTD you need a different file 
$ extension, which
$ basically is the opposite of the purposes of XML being a meta data
$ language.
$ The second problem is that when using a different extension with an
$ "View as PDF", I cannot find a way to have FOP pass the data 
$ directly to
$ PDF. This means that my script consists of two steps - Use FOP to
$ compile to PDF, and then run Acrobat Reader to view the 
$ interim file. At
$ the end of the process the interim file is still lurking around. Plus
$ running a script opens a DOS prompt window that looks 
$ unnecessary. Since
$ IE can use Acrobat Reader as a plug-in, it would be nice if we could
$ display in IE as a PDF file without having any other windows
$ mysteriously (to a user) appearing.
$ I like your idea to have one stylesheet that converts to either PDF or
$ HTML. Could you give me some simple code that detects a parameter and
$ either does one thing or another. One day IE will no doubt display XSL
$ FO, and it won't be needed :)
$ Lastly, I see that Acrobat Reader can run plug-ins. It would 
$ be nice to
$ open the XML file directly to Acrobat Reader, which detects that it is
$ an XML file (AR already has some XML functionality relating to forms,
$ but I have no idea what, how, when, or where), and pre-processes it
$ using FOP and the relevant style sheet. Anyone have any idea how to
$ write Acrobat Reader plug-ins?

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