we have Smart Proxy in the Foreman Core, WebUI/API/CLI and also in our
Core documentation, but in the installer and package name it's
foreman-proxy. This creates confusion.

I suggest to "communicate" it from now on with new official name:

Foreman Smart Proxy

This will help us to "teach" our users that this is essentially the same
thing. The suggested changes are easy and non-intrusive:

* Rename "Smart Proxy" to "Foreman Smart Proxy" in our documentation
* Rename "Smart Proxy" to "Foreman Smart Proxy" in our codebase

Controller names, API/CLI and internals all stays with "smart-proxy" of
course, the idea is only to logically connect these terms.

This was brought at (*) and I would like to bring it here for broad

(*) https://github.com/theforeman/rfcs/pull/23/files#r83370195

 Lukas #lzap Zapletal

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