On 14/10/16 08:34, Lukas Zapletal wrote:
> Hello,
> we have Smart Proxy in the Foreman Core, WebUI/API/CLI and also in our
> Core documentation, but in the installer and package name it's
> foreman-proxy. This creates confusion.
> I suggest to "communicate" it from now on with new official name:
> Foreman Smart Proxy
> This will help us to "teach" our users that this is essentially the same
> thing. The suggested changes are easy and non-intrusive:
> * Rename "Smart Proxy" to "Foreman Smart Proxy" in our documentation
> * Rename "Smart Proxy" to "Foreman Smart Proxy" in our codebase
> Controller names, API/CLI and internals all stays with "smart-proxy" of
> course, the idea is only to logically connect these terms.

This appears more inconsistent than the current situation, as there will
now be three terms, differing between the UI names ("Foreman Smart
Proxy"), API/module names ("smart proxy"), and package names ("foreman

If only the installer module name and package name differ from
everything else, it would make more sense to rename them to "smart
proxy" so all three are the same.

Dominic Cleal

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