> This appears more inconsistent than the current situation, as there will
> now be three terms, differing between the UI names ("Foreman Smart
> Proxy"), API/module names ("smart proxy"), and package names ("foreman
> proxy").

That's indeed a very true statement, I'll add that the new term aims to
be the glue between the other two.

I filed a patch just to see how it looks like, I haven't renamed
everything, but basically just index/show/edit/new page titles and
that's it.

But I get your point, it also does not look great at first sight
(basically because I am used to what we had until now).

> If only the installer module name and package name differ from
> everything else, it would make more sense to rename them to "smart
> proxy" so all three are the same.

I am not aware of anything else, but we also have directories like
/etc/foreman-proxy and logs and stuff. This could bite.

To be honest, I'd rather kill "Smart Proxy" than "Foreman Proxy" if I
had to choose just one.

 Lukas #lzap Zapletal

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