On 02.08.18 10:38, Steve Landers wrote:> On 31 Jul 2018, 9:47 PM +0800, Richard Hipp <d...@sqlite.org>, wrote:
>> I am about ready to merge the forum-v2 branch into trunk. If there
>> are any objections, voice them quickly.
> An observation (not a criticism) is that (at its current state of development) the forum does not work too well on mobile devices. And so IMO it isn’t yet a replacement for the mailing list. >> Steve
having not followed the development/discussion too closely, admittedly, but regarding "forum vs. mailing list" for the fossil project itself (and in view of a couple of other comments having some misgivings regarding replacement of email by forum which I share) I would argue for running them in parallel for the foreseeable future so people can vote with their feet (or rather fingers/keyboards) what makes more sense to them for communication: mailing list or forum.

I could easily envision a situation where the forum option would suit me fine for personal/small/modest projects where I also would actually _want_ to keep the whole communication with some colleagues as part of the project, and "foreign", bigger ones (fossil, tcl, sqlite, ...) where I most definitely would not be interested in doing that and also probably would prefer to use a mailing list acessed by a reasonable mail client that allows me to sort/delete/search/flag (and highlight unread) messages etc. more flexible/better (probably...) than what the forum functionality could reasonably provide.

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