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> https://hackaday.com/2018/01/19/linux-fu-custom-bash-command-completion/

There's one big caveat to doing so: trying to use features not explicitly
allowed for by the programmable completion will break completion in
annoying ways.

e.g. when using my system-provided completion, which includes support for
the sqlite3 shell, i cannot tab-complete sqlite3 database filenames unless
they have the exact set of extensions defined by the completion rules. e.g.

sqlite3 myF<TAB>

will not complete myFossilRepo.fsl

because the programmable completion has a hard-coded list of file
extensions it will expand.

Likewise, the completion for the zip/unzip commands cannot tab-complete CBZ
files, which are simply ZIP files with a different extension. (i use a lot
of CBZ files, including manipulating them from the shell, so this
limitation is severely annoying.)

Thus... i disable all programmable completion on my systems. It just gets
in the way, which i cannot abide.

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