On Aug 10, 2018, at 7:19 AM, Andy Bradford <amb-fos...@bradfords.org> wrote:
> Thus said Warren Young on Wed, 08 Aug 2018 11:45:09 -0600:
>>> Will this ever be enabled? I prefer email over web forum posting.
>> How  would  you  prevent  spammers  from  using  an  email  submission
>> mechanism?
> Most mailing list managers prevent  this by only allowing subscribers to
> submit  emails.  I cannot  recall  the  last time  I  saw  spam sent  to
> fossil-users@lists.fossil-scm.org…

That’s not the problem described in the thread I linked you to:


You only need to read the first post, not the whole thread.

Fossil forums prevent that problem.

> Gmail supports email aliases.

If you’re speaking of the free Gmail product, it only supports the 
user+...@example.com style, which fools no spammer.  They just strip the +ext 
bit off.

If you mean G Suite, you only get 30 of them per account.  I run the mail 
server for my personal domains, and I have 240 aliases on my main email 
account.  You want lots of aliases because it allows you to have unique email 
addresses for any site whose security you are not entirely certain about.

I wish I’d created *more* aliases, in fact, because my real email address gets 
most of the spam I receive, by far, suggesting that I should have hidden it 
more often.

>> If we don't solve that problem first,  we'll be right back in much the
>> same mess as today.
> Replacing a mailing list with a web  forum seems to simply trade one set
> of problems  for another.

Every choice worth spending thought on has tradeoffs.

drh has made his choice.  I don’t think you’re going to sway him on this.

> I'm  on dozens  of other public  mailing lists
> that get a lot more traffic than Fossil Users does and there seems to be
> no problems there…

Roughly 80-90% of mail traffic is spam, but that’s not a problem?


> Why don't  we leave  both in place  and see what  people prefer  to use?

I made that very suggestion earlier.

> Those who  are willing to  live with the  problems that come  with email
> will express their preference by continuing to use email.

Some of the burdens fall on drh, rather than on the users of the mailing list, 
so he has some say in how all of this goes.

> Is the web forum now moderated?

Yes, from day 1.  I am one of the moderators.

> Does it help?

No spam has made it into the forum blockchain yet.

I also haven’t seen anyone attempt to spam the forum.  If it never happens, 
that’s fine with me.
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