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> The mailing list has yet to
> deliver spam as far as I can tell.

I’d have a hard time proving it, since I delete such things from my local 
archive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the public archives have their 
own inbound spam filtering, too.

But, I’m pretty sure I do remember a few incidents of this.  The mailing list 
admin then has to go in and manually boot the user out, and probably add 
filtering to prevent that email address from re-joining the list.  That 
probably falls on drh’s shoulders.

Certainly there’s no reason in principle this could not happen.

As long as the Fossil forum moderators are paying attention, it *can’t* happen 
with Fossil forums.

> I believe what you mean is that  your email address that you use on this
> mailing list has been harvested by spammers and that they are contacting
> you directly.

Fossil does not expose the email address of its users.

The /forum repository on fossil-scm.org currently doesn’t even allow you to 
clone the repository, and even if it did, you wouldn’t get a copy of the user 
table without high-level privileges that won’t be handed out to anyone who 
isn’t already trusted.

> That can be easily thwarted by simply setting your From address to be an
> invalid address

“Easily”?  Either:

1. On every post, you manually edit the “From” address in your MUA to something 
invalid.  Yes, it’s just a drop-down selection in modern MUAs, but it’s an 
extra step on each and every posting.

2. You reconfigure your mailer to always use the invalid address by default, 
and then have to remember to fix it on every email reply where you’d actually 
like to receive a reply.

3. Set up some kind of smart filtering system (procmail, etc.) to do this based 
on the destination address for each email.

All three options fall outside the scope of “easily,” in my book.

Maybe you have an easier option?
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