Thus said Warren Young on Fri, 10 Aug 2018 08:34:24 -0600:

> You only need to read the first post, not the whole thread.
> Fossil forums prevent that problem.

Throwing a rock through an 747's window  is one way to solve the problem
of getting a plane  to drop in altitude, but that  doesn't mean it's the
best way.

The problem described on that link  is about spammers subscribing to the
mailing lists and  then sending automated spam to those  who post to the
mailing list.

We've discussed  this before on  this mailing list and  some suggestions
were made, and  I guess this new forum feature  was easier to implement,
even if it does make communication less useful.

Oddly  enough,  I  haven't  seen  much  of  the  spam  that  people  are
complaining about lately---maybe that means  my spam blocking is getting
it, or maybe it means the spammers have left?

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