On 11/7/18, Zoltán Kócsi <zol...@bendor.com.au> wrote:
> For some projects we used colour-coding of the Timeline entries, for
> example releases were coloured differently from developers-only commits
> and so on. That all seems to have gone.
> Also, the Timeline now seems to show only one branch at a time while the
> old version has shown all changes and different branches were
> represented by different colours and a graphically displayed line.

Those features should be unchanged.  If you visit the canonical Fossil
self-hosting repo (https://fossil-scm.org/fossil/timeline) or the
SQLite Fossil repository (https://sqlite.org/src/timeline) you can see
that both of those show all branches using color codes.  I do not know
what might be causing your problem.  Can you provide an example?

D. Richard Hipp
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