> > Is the latest Fossil binary compatible with the 1.29 version on the
> > repo file level?
> Yes.

Thanks! It worked fine.

However, a quick question:

For some projects we used colour-coding of the Timeline entries, for
example releases were coloured differently from developers-only commits
and so on. That all seems to have gone.

Also, the Timeline now seems to show only one branch at a time while the
old version has shown all changes and different branches were
represented by different colours and a graphically displayed line. That
made a side-by-side tracking of different branches a breeze without
needing to compare dates while switching between branches back and

Are those features really gone or in the new Fossil you need to
explicitly turn them on or it's just that my ancient browser (I update
browsers about as frequently as I update Fossil) can't cope with some
new HTML5 whizz-bang that Fossil now uses?


Best Regards,

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