On 11/7/18, Zoltán Kócsi <zol...@bendor.com.au> wrote:
> Is the latest Fossil binary compatible with the 1.29 version on the
> repo file level? That is, will it be able to read the old SQLite file
> and modify/update its schema to the latest version without losing
> anything?


In fact, I don't recall any major schema changes going from 1.x to
2.x.  The big change there, and the reason for the major version
number bump, was adding support for SHA3 hashes.  1.x supported only
SHA1 hashes.  2.x supports both SHA1 and SHA3.  Thus 2.x will read and
understand 1.x repos, but 1.x cannot decode 2.x repos.

If I had to guess (with so little information) about why you are not
seeming to sync, I would suspect that somebody in your organization is
using a 2.x version of Fossil and has done one or more commits that
use a SHA3 hash.  The older 1.x versions cannot understand that and
are pretending those checkins do not exist.

D. Richard Hipp
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