Is GNOME part of any anti-proprietary software movement?

that terminology didn't come from me.  I would rather describe what we
are doing in positive terms: GNOME is part of the free software
movement, which strives to give users freedom.

    I don't think so and I've never seen it like that.

I guess you have not heard how GNOME came to be.  We launched GNOME to
defend the free software community against a particular proprietary
program, Qt; against the danger that people might come to regard that
proprietary program as essential for a usable GNU/Linux system.

So GNOME not merely part of a system that we developed for the sake of
freedom.  GNOME was developed specifically to protect freedom.  There
are no clearer examples of software which exists for the sake of
freedom than GNOME.

I think the GNOME Foundation should do more to inform the community
about this.  Currently, it seems, the message is not getting across.
If people can look at Planet GNOME, and the rest of what the
Foundation says, and get the impression that neutrality on this issue
is one of GNOME's founding principles, it behooves us to do more to
inform people what the founding principles really are.

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