I believe Stormy was quite clear and on point: It sounded to me as though
    she were arguing against the sort of "prior restraint" that you seem to be
    attempting to impose here.

I think GNOME activities should not grant legitimacy to non-free
software.  This is a minimal form of support for the cause of software
users' freedom -- minimal in the sense that anything less would hardly
be support.

However, the implementational ideas you are attacking did not come
from me.

You're also stretching the term "censorship" and related terms to an
area where it does not pertain.  For an organization to stand by its
values, and not say things which conflict with those values, is not

    My use of Final Cut is completely legitimate.

I would not trade my freedom for convenience like that.  However the
issue here is not what you use, or what would I use; it is what GNOME
should advocate.

We're working for a world in which software users aren't asked to
choose between freedom and convenience, and GNOME should support that
goal, as well as being a collection of programs which help make it so.
Thus, GNOME should not present a program as legitimate if it requires
users to choose in that way.

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