Non-free software can't even be "favorably mentioned"?

My second suggestion was to post an official GNOME response when it is
favorably mentioned.  My previous suggestion was for a rule
about a much narrower case.

It seems you've grafted part of one onto part of the other, and now
you're criticizing a combination which nobody proposed.

    Wow. You and I have extremely different ideas about "freedom", Mr. Stallman.

When it comes to freedom of expression, I am in favor of the freedom
to advocate any views whatsoever, including favoring proprietary
software.  This is why I am an ACLU member.

I don't know how different your ideas are, but I defend your right to
state them anyway.

However, the issue here is not about what people should be free to
say, it is about what position GNOME should take and how to express
it.  People have a right to publish what they wish, but GNOME also has
a right to take a stand and express that stand in its platforms.
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