Thank you for your reply John.

>  The bonuses both reflect pie in the sky,
> you are probably never going to get this done items to more mundane items
> which none the less, contribute to the growth of the foundation.

I just felt that goals such as:

     $500 - Improving relations with the advisory board, starting
            regular 1-on-1 meetings with them, etc.
     $250 - Improving relations with the community (keynotes, blogs)
     $500 - Working with the board.
   $1,000 - For being the eyes & ears of GNOME.  The quarterly report,
            advisory board relations & meetings.

would be things that are not in the "pie in the sky" category and
should be assumed something any CEO would do for a company. Not saying
that the practice of awarding bonuses to CEOs is not something
companies do, but am questioning some of the goals themselves.

Og B. Maciel

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