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>>      $500 - Improving relations with the advisory board, starting
>>             regular 1-on-1 meetings with them, etc.
> For this one, the starting point is worth bearing in mind. If I
> understand your argument, you're saying that anyone *not* doing this in
> the job of executive director should be fired? [...]

Not at all (not sure how I passed that impression). I'm basically
pointing out that, had I been hired to coach a soccer team, for
instance, it would be automatically assumed that I'd go and talk to my
staff (trainer, medics, etc) as part of my job.

[...] From where we were 18
> months ago, this (very time-consuming) part of the job has been
> invaluable for the foundation. We've gone from being quite passive with
> our advisory board to being forward in asking them to get involved in
> projects we're running.

And that is the impression I've gotten, so things are better indeed.

Once again, I am not questioning the performance of our CEO but only
questioning the tasks that have been elected as being "bonus worth".

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