Reading the manual might help here.


The workspace menu doesn't read "Authoring" unless you have chosen the
Authoring workspace environment. That button "name" just shows what you
current workspace environment is set to. Mine can be Craig's Custom,
Authoring, Design, Review, Structured Authoring, or others.

Your palette items are disappearing because you are closing them. Docking
them will retain them, but if you undock them and then close them, they have
to reopened to reappear. 


Reading the manual will help you understand how they work and what logic
drives their functioning.




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Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 2:45 PM
To: Stuart Rogers;
Subject: Re: Disappearing Palette Items


Actually, they disappear IN THE MIDDLE OF WORKING on a single document/book
or multiple documents, not just on close! What a sad state of user interface
affairs FM has fallen into. :-)

I now realize that the "workspace menu" everyone keeps referring to is
actually the button that reads "Authoring"! 

And while I can restore most of what I want to be in there, for some reason
I can't get Object Properties back there, it only wants to exist as a
free-standing window/part of the designer (which also won't move into the
docked set). Sigh.

Thanks all,


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