> Reading the manual might help here.

Good advice, but there hasn't been a FrameMaker manual since FM7. :) And online help often requires the use of specific search terms to find obscure information. Online help needs lots of work.

There is a really good video on using the new (as of FM9) interface. It's really helpful in learning about docking palettes, setting up workspaces, etc.. I didn't like the new interface until I saw this video. Now, I wouldn't go back. Here's the link:

Some of the settings in File> Preferences> Interface can also affect the behavior of palettes. I haven't followed this thread closely, but it might be worth looking at the settings there. It might be helpful to check out message #35 in the following thread, where I show an example of the workspace I use and the settings to get it: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4039348

Regarding not being able to make the Object Properties dialog dock, it might depend on which one you mean. If you right-click on a selected text frame and choose Object Properties, a standalone "Customize Text Frame" dialog opens, but disappears when you click Set or Cancel. If you right-click on graphic objects, the Object Properties dialog opens and it is dockable (see example in my workspace mentioned above).

Mike Wickham


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