The downloadable PDF from the help system is, in effect, the manual. I urge
everyone to download it and print it out. It's structure is far clearer than
it appears by clicking on links in the online bits & pieces.


I agree that the videos are very helpful and go far beyond the manual in
clarifying the concepts. Here's a post that I sent to this list in Feb of

> I'd suggest you go to:


> Click on the "Getting Started" link and play the video that is offered.

> That should help you to get through the transition. It sure helped me 

> realize how configurable (and resettable) the new interface is. It's 

> almost an hour long, so following along clicking in your own interface 

> can be pretty helpful for retention. Two screens are very useful to have
for that.

The instructions above lead to the same place as Mike's link in the message
I'm responding to.




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Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2013 11:11 AM
Subject: Re: Disappearing Palette Items


> Reading the manual might help here.

Good advice, but there hasn't been a FrameMaker manual since FM7. :) And
online help often requires the use of specific search terms to find obscure
information. Online help needs lots of work.

There is a really good video on using the new (as of FM9) interface. It's
really helpful in learning about docking palettes, setting up workspaces,
etc.. I didn't like the new interface until I saw this video. Now, I
wouldn't go back. Here's the link:

Some of the settings in File> Preferences> Interface can also affect the
behavior of palettes. I haven't followed this thread closely, but it might
be worth looking at the settings there. It might be helpful to check out
message #35 in the following thread, where I show an example of the
workspace I use and the settings to get it:

Regarding not being able to make the Object Properties dialog dock, it might
depend on which one you mean. If you right-click on a selected text frame
and choose Object Properties, a standalone "Customize Text Frame" dialog
opens, but disappears when you click Set or Cancel. If you right-click on
graphic objects, the Object Properties dialog opens and it is dockable (see
example in my workspace mentioned above).

Mike Wickham


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