>From what I've read, most translation agencies will take your FM files and 
>save them as MIF for you. But saving as MIF isn't onerous - there is a Book 
>MIF plug-in script, but I don't think it was for FM9. You can always use 
>MIF2Go as a more powerful alternative.

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Subject: Trados and FM9 : Company requests files in MIF format?


(FM9, Windows 7)

I have a book of 40 files, graphics  imported by reference; no text insets.

The translation company want me to provide files in MIF format. I am surprised 
that Trados does not accept the files in .FM format. Is this normal?

I have never created MIF files before. At least, it seems like a long manual 
process. Is there a plug-in that does a complete book? I imagine the graphic 
files remain linked by reference.

Any comments are much appreciated. BTW, we plan to upgrade to FM 12 very soon. 
Would that help (not have to convert to MIF?).

Have a good day,

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