Thanks for the thoughts on this troublesome conversion.

This is UNIX, so Distiller doesn't display.  PDFs in UNIX convert 1st to
a file with a .tps extension (temporary post script), then to a .pdf
file from there. With Distiller "under the hood", so to speak, some of
the info that's available and useful in Windows doesn't appear here:
*A Distiller error log will display in an x-term, but it doesn't give up
anything as useful as a page where the .tps file fails.  
*Distiller doesn't run overtly on UNIX the way our system is set up, so
it's not possible to print to .ps and distill manually.

I've tried it the few ways available to us on UNIX, which include-
A. Save as PDF (this normally works pretty well on UNIX, and works for
all other files in the book individually)
B. Print to file: I print directly to PDF- in UNIX this prints to the
.tps file, then distills to the pdf from there.  When I try to print to
a .ps file, I get an error from Distiller at that point.  I do know how
to do this on a Windows platform, but unfortunately this option's not
available to me right now.

I also got a phone call from Matt Hoffman, who suggested that I create a
blank doc, import formats from a document that is working, and then copy
the body of the corrupt doc into the new clean template.  We had tried
this yesterday- it's definitely the document that is corrupt, as having
the new doc made no difference.  But I appreciate the suggestion.


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>> We have a book that will not pdf, regardless of whether one uses
>> to File... or Save As... functions.  

Does Distiller display an error code when PDF creation fails?


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