Glad to hear you got things sorted.

Curious about your non-capability to produce postscript though. Is  
this the case even is you print with fmbatch from a console?

Here is an interesting preprocessor for fmbatch:

This may be of interest too:


On Dec 1, 2005, at 9:40 AM, Geiszler, Catherine wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestions.  The x-refs are fine, and there are no  
> links
> to files outside the book.  In UNIX- in our antiquated set-up- I can't
> postscript (that is, I can't write directly to a .ps file explicitly;
> the SW handles this under the hood).
> But anyhow, I think we've finally got it; there was a part of the
> document that was corrupt (thanks Gary) and we were able to pdf 103 of
> the 106 pages once we removed the offending 3 pages.  We never could
> narrow it down any further than that, but that's a lot less typing  
> than
> 106 pages!  Thanks again to everyone who wrote/called helped.  Looks
> like there's a lot of Windows Frame expertise out there!   
> Unfortunately
> we're not able to port our documents to Windows... at least we have
> macros in UNIX ;-).
> r/

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