I think, at this point, that I'd round up a Windows workstation and
download the free 30-day eval of Acrobat Pro. Partly to help with
debugging, but also to see if the newer Distiller code could deal with
whatever is causing your problem.


On 11/30/05, Geiszler, Catherine <Catherine.Geiszler at gd-ais.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the thoughts on this troublesome conversion.
> This is UNIX, so Distiller doesn't display.  PDFs in UNIX convert 1st to
> a file with a .tps extension (temporary post script), then to a .pdf
> file from there. With Distiller "under the hood", so to speak, some of
> the info that's available and useful in Windows doesn't appear here:
> *A Distiller error log will display in an x-term, but it doesn't give up
> anything as useful as a page where the .tps file fails.
> *Distiller doesn't run overtly on UNIX the way our system is set up, so
> it's not possible to print to .ps and distill manually.
> I've tried it the few ways available to us on UNIX, which include-
> A. Save as PDF (this normally works pretty well on UNIX, and works for
> all other files in the book individually)
> B. Print to file: I print directly to PDF- in UNIX this prints to the
> .tps file, then distills to the pdf from there.  When I try to print to
> a .ps file, I get an error from Distiller at that point.  I do know how
> to do this on a Windows platform, but unfortunately this option's not
> available to me right now.
> I also got a phone call from Matt Hoffman, who suggested that I create a
> blank doc, import formats from a document that is working, and then copy
> the body of the corrupt doc into the new clean template.  We had tried
> this yesterday- it's definitely the document that is corrupt, as having
> the new doc made no difference.  But I appreciate the suggestion.
> Thanks
> Catherine
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> >> We have a book that will not pdf, regardless of whether one uses
> Print
> >> to File... or Save As... functions.
> Does Distiller display an error code when PDF creation fails?
> Mike
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