Hi Catherine,

What happens when you update all cross references? Are there links to  
external files that may be broken?

Can you postscript the file? If it does, will that convert to pdf  
using, say ps2pdf? In verbose mode this could give some useful  

Do you have conditional text elements that may be causing problems?

Finally. Is it structured or unstructured?


On Dec 1, 2005, at 4:59 AM, Geiszler, Catherine wrote:

> I?m new to this list; tried to search the archives but only found  
> November.  So I hope you all haven?t answered this question TOO  
> many times?. I?m not new to Framemaker and it?s been a long time  
> since I had a problem I couldn?t solve, but I am beating my head  
> against a wall on this one.
> Frame 6.0, UNIX.
> We have a book that will not pdf, regardless of whether one uses  
> Print to File? or Save As? functions.  (Save As functions actually  
> work in Frame 6.0 on the UNIX platform, believe it or not.)  There  
> are about 10 documents in the book.  We can pdf them individually  
> except for the largest, which will not pdf.
> We?ve tried everything in the Adobe tech documents, including  
> breaking the document in half (and subsequent failing sections in  
> half) to see where the error occurs.  Eventually we just wind up  
> with 7 or 8 pdfs that comprise the entire document, so we?re not  
> able to pinpoint a section of failure.  We?ve tried removing  
> graphics- still won?t pdf as an entire document.  We?ve tried  
> making new files, still no joy.  Short of re-typing all 108 pages,  
> any suggestions for us?  I have also saved as MIF, but not done the  
> section by section analysis there.

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