At 11:00 AM -0800 1/26/06, John Posada wrote:
> > And to get back to my point from yesterday, if you
>> click on any of these links, the email is shown as
>> "<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> " so that spammers can't get the
>> address...
>I'm not concerned about spammers. I'm concerned about a solution or
>process being proposed internally with me being attributed as part of
>the solution, to find out that the solution was not exactly right for
>that problem. I check and recheck my internal documentation to make
>sure it is as accurate as I can make it and I stand behind it if
>something goes wrong. Becoming part of a solution for a problems I
>know nothing about and not being able to participate in making sure
>it is accurate is something I'd like to avoid

 Wow! I just can't relate to this perspective. Is this what living in a 
litigation-obsessed country does to one?

>Remember...the purpose of his using the posts was for internal
>support documentation. Do you want your solutions to be the fixes to
>problems that you know nothing about? Trust me...chances are you can
>be contacted with blocked email addresses and all.
>Give you an example. I "think" I know where Jakob Fix is from, gmail
>address not withstanding. Almost anyone can be located with a name,
>some text strings from a post, and the will to find out.

 The NSA is reading your mail and listening to your phone calls; Google, Yahoo 
and the like are building a profile on you. Is there anything of your privacy 
left to protect?

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