Dear Jakob,

I'm glad that you received useful information from the list. I have had
exactly the same experience. I applaud your thought of sharing this
bounty. However, using, you can not do this fairly without
contacting each person who signed up to Framers and asking each of them
for permission to do it. If anyone refuses, you can not do it, period. I
think other list users would agree.

When anyone signs up for an e-mail list, they share information to that
list. By doing that, they accept the list's privacy policy. I don't see
a link to it on, but I'm sure one exists, if not in
writing then in the minds of the lists' administrators.

If you then put the e-mail list into any tool that exposes it beyond its
intended audience, you've violated the privacy policy.

I won't get into the legal aspects of this, since I'm sure another
respondent will (if it hasn't happened already).

Though your intentions are quite good, I am writing to remind you that
you can't control If you want to publicize framers list, then
publicize it and make individuals sign up for it. That forces them to
break the barrier of anonymity. That is the right, honorable, and decent
way to share information online.

I hope that you will consider it in this light and do the right thing.


Joe Malin
Technical Writer
jmalin at
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for some of my recent Frame problems, I received very useful information
through this mailing list.  I would like to add references to these
posts to our internal documentation, preferably just a URL per post.
However, I'm not sure this is possible with the Lyris mailing list
software (and its blasted, slow archive).

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