I tried creating a custom variable and it was because I couldn't get it
to work that I wrote to the list in the first place. The $volnum method
works beautifully - I can even set different book titles in the footers
of files that are in the same book - something I don't believe you can
do with a custom variable, unless you create more than one. In that
case, it'd be simpler just to type the book title directly into the
master pages.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to respond.


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For the record, this was not the only solution that was proposed.

In our group, we use the same approach that Steve Rickaby suggested:

>To create any text that is uniform throughout a book, one way is to 
>create a custom variable to hold the book's title, copy it throughout 
>the book, and then insert it wherever you need it. There might be 
>others, but this is the way I handle book titles. Sometimes you need 
>two variables, one with a long version of the book's name, and another 
>with a shorter version for header/footers.

We had implemented this approach years ago, long before the $volnum
system variable came into existence. We chose not to convert our
templates to use $volnum for two reasons:
--We did not want to give up the possibility of using $volnum to handle
   numbering in multi-book sets. There's a good, workable alternative
for handling
   the book name in headers and footers, but there is *no* good
alternative to
   $volnum in a multi-volume scenario.
--We didn't want to create an incompatibiity between old and new
   Our existing practice worked well, so there was no compelling reason
to change.

Fred Ridder
Parsippany, NJ

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>Hello All,
>Thanks to everyone who responded, including those you wrote to me 
>Select all files in the book, then in the Volume field in the Numbering

>Properties dialog box, type the name of the book. In the master pages 
>of each file in the book, select the Volume Number variable. This is an

>excellent method for maintaining the correct book title whether the 
>file is referenced or not. In the past, I'd written the book title in 
>the footer manually, which meant that if I imported formats from a 
>different book, the title was overwritten.
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