That kind of works as a work around. Until I quickly switch from one book to
another and create the PDF, but forget to reimport the variables.

It seems to me that the Book file could hold all kinds of stuff like
variables, paragraph formats, master pages, etc. There would have to be a
way to determine precedence when both the book file and the fm file have
conflicting definitions.

Simply put, I would love to be able to open an Frame file in different
books, and have it look like the book without having to reimport formats (or
click any buttons, etc.).

(I guess this mostly applies to unstructured Frame, since there is way to do
this with structured Frame.)


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I've always implemented that solution with a single extra file for the book
( that contains nothing except variable definitions.  When
variables change or get added I import all the variables from that file at
the book level.


On 1/31/06, John Posada <jposada01 at> wrote:
> I could live with that. I'd even buy a pluggin that gave me that 
> feature.
> --- Mike Feimster <mike.feimster at> wrote:
> > It seems to me that the "real" solution is to be able to define 
> > variables at the book level. Then, variables in a chapter files take 
> > the value of whatever is defined for the book.
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