Two additional solutions that avoid the potential cross-reference 
link problems that Shlomo points out:

* Use "old-style" paragraph-based autonumbering for chapter numbers, 
in combination with Volume Number and Chapter Number variables 
formatted as text or numbers.

* Create the title text in a dedicated tagged text flow in the main 
information source document for the book file set, and import the 
flow as a text inset.

The issue also suggests there's a valid case for increasing the 
number of book-wide variables.

At 6:39 PM +0200 1/31/06, Shlomo Perets wrote:
>You wrote:
>>... Each file for each nation is based on the same template. In the
>>template I view the master pages and in the footer/header of each page
>>I place an xref to the BookName paragraph that I put into the cover.
>>Then all I ever need to do is update and update xrefs. In
>>doing so I get a fully dynamic link that jumps to the cover (should I
>>need that) and I also get a complete and dynamic way to update the
>But when converting the FM book to on-screen PDF, all 
>cross-references are converted to links (unless placed in text 
>Thus the header/footer of each page will have "unintentional" links 
>(which may even become bad links in some circumstances) -- see 
>for real-life examples (Acrobat SDK documentation).


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