Hi Art,

I just created two mock books with phoney files and then tried your
method. This also works beautifully. I originally tried something else
that didn't work, but damned if I can remember what.

So I now have the choice of two different methods: using the one that
Art describes below or using the #Volume method I described in an
earlier post. 

Thanks for your input, everyone.  


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Sure, it's easy, but you need to "load" the variable once for for each
book. And you're trying to use a system variable, which is unlikely to
work and hard to do. User variables are  a snap.

With the master page open (I do this in my chapter template file, but
you can certainly do it in any working chapter instead), put the cursor
where you want the title to show up.

Select Special > Variable > Create Variable. The name I use is DocTitle,
but it doesn't matter; the Definition is the title of the book. Click
Add. Then Insert it in the footer.

Then use Import > Formats > Variables to import it into all chapters of
your book. Insert it again on your cover/title pages in the regular text

Next book, edit the definition in one file and Import it again; the
change will ripple through all the files.


On 1/29/06, Patricia Carmel <Patricia.Carmel at unipier.com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> Is there a way to create a variable that will display the book's title

> in the master page footer?  I've used Running H/F 8 using the same 
> method I used for other variables but the footer is blank. The most 
> likely reason is that the variable doesn't know to look at the front 
> cover for the text - is there a way of directing the variable to a 
> different file in the book?
> Even as I ask the question, it seems improbable. However, if there's a

> solution out there, I'd like to use it.
> The reason I want to find a solution to this is to be able to use the 
> same file in different books and have the footer information reflect 
> the book's name automatically.
> TIA.
> Regards,
> Patricia
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