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> You might want to check out BookVars .. it may 
> provide what you're looking for ..
> http://www.leximation.com/tools/info/bookvars.php

Hi, guys...I donwloaded the 30 day trial of this pluggin and have
been applying it against four books before I let it loose on my 14
books. The thing with these four books is that each book has one or
more files that also appear in other books and every file has at
least a book name variable in the header.

Gotta admit...it works.

The only setup I perform is the first time I open a book, I need to
create an INI file (menu driven) that applies to that book, open the
INI in a text editor and define the BookTitle (and any other)

Then, each subsequent time I open the book, I run

All variables are updated. Takes about 10 seconds.

Scott...wanna make it 5 seconds? Assign a user-definable Hot-key
sequence to the ImportVariables menu option. Open the book, press
keys, updated.

I like it....Oh, and by the way...he includes active URLs in his
emails. :-)

John Posada
Senior Technical Writer

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